Barney Calhoun
Character Information
Full Name Barney Calhoun
Aliases Barney
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 44
Date of Birth April 17
Height / Weight N/A
Homeworld Earth
Residence(s) Stock Pot Inn
Moral Alignment Lawful Good
Date of Arrival March 3, 2012
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Lom
Type Canon Character
Status Active
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A medium sized man with his fair share of lean muscle. His black hair, which is cut short on the sides and not much longer on top, is starting to go grey around the temples. Expressive green eyes and a scruffy five o' clock shadow completes the picture.


After helping Gordon Freeman deal with the Combines back on Earth, Barney Calhoun found himself pulled to the strange, new world of Portal Breach. It's been a wild ride for him thus far, but he seems to be making his own well enough here.


Determined, courageous, and, after everything he's been through, not easily intimidated. He is, by nature and habit, a protector. Thus, he's got a soft spot for the underdog, and tends to put other people's wellbeing before his own, though he is by no means suicidal or reckless. He's also well used to working within a (very loose) organization.

He's certainly not happy about people he cares about taking risks or heading into danger, but he knows that he can't save the world by himself (not like Gordon), and that there are people just as, or more, capable as he is. Not to mention, there are some risks that are worth taking.

Humor's his coping mechanism, and, while Barney's a generally friendly guy, he tends to keep his feelings to himself, safely hidden behind a smart mouth.


Good Shot - Say what you want about Storm troopers, Barney knows how to actually hit what he's shooting at. (Or, conversely, he knows how to miss convincingly when necessary.) He knows his way around most conventional fire arms, and a fair few unconventional ones, of the alien variety. Currently, his weapon of choice is the OSIPR, also know as the AR2.

Calhoun, Barney Calhoun - He's also got some experience with undercover work. Not exactly a Spy in the James Bond sense, but he knows how to act a part, even if that part is "Brutish Pawn of the Oppressive Overlords." He's a lot better at hiding his emotions and his thoughts that you'd probably give him credit for. And, sure, maybe he was working as a security guard, with two years of community college under his belt, while his best friend's the next, brightest up and coming theoretical physicist in the field... but Barney's damn smart, all the same.

Shaken, not Stirred - Not easily daunted by the weird. Barney's been to Xen (if briefly), lived through an alien invasion, works with freaky looking one eyed hive minded aliens, seen familiar faces being turned into all manner of horrible creature... You think *this* place is weird and horrifying? Psh. Bring it.



"Hey, catch me later, I'll buy you a beer."




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