Cailia Hallow
Character Information
Full Name Cailia Ancatha Hallow
Aliases Cailia Hallow
Gender Female
Race Hybrid(Demon/Human)
Age 29
Date of Birth
Height / Weight 152 lbs.
Occupation(s) Queen of Avalon
Moral Alignment
Date of Arrival
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Banshee
Type Original Character
Status Active
| | |
“I've lived a disreputable life, but I've done it in style.”

Cailia Hallow is a hybrid (human/demon).




Cailia at first may have started out as the brass, crass and particuarly cruel mercenary who could smile at you then ram a knife right into your jugular for money or for personal gain. With time on Portal Breach and a massive change of pace ranging from losing person who was not a friend but considered a worthy partner to aquiring the Island of New Avalon and Queendom has perhaps begun to mellow her out. But really, Cailia has a tendancy to find humor is sexuality mostly, or the discomfort of others from her statements or those made by others. Also another part of her than is never subdued is the natural desire to fight, for fun or for death, is something that shows Cailia in her best enviroment.



Family Edit

Videle - Father

Alruna - Mother

Fandel - GrandFather


Kev - Maybe

Love Interest(s)Edit



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