Kingdom of Sin
if any
Plot Details
Plot Type Localized Major Plot
Plot Dates July 22nd, 2014 - December 12, 2014
Plot Coordinator Banshee & Kepiel
Deaths no. of deaths

What was it?Edit

In the wake of the monster's rampage at the end of the House of Thorns event, it appeared that the strange brambles had returned elsewhere. This time, another group of citizens was pulled to see just what was happening, and in effect got caught in a conflict between the White Queen and Red Queen. The two queens were actually Sonia and Cailia respectively, and the citizens were meant to represent Portal-X's chess pieces in a game against his evil brother, Portal-Z. May the best Portal Deity win. (P.S. Portal-X is the absolute best, no questions asked.)

Detailed SummaryEdit

Some months after the previous appearance of the thorns, the game appeared to be afoot again as a different group of citizens suddenly found themselves lying in a strange, unfamiliar field. From there, they were set to try and find out what had happened to them, only to discover that they were the prime targets of a strange Bandersnatch. Once they realized they cannot truly fight it, the party managed to escape its wrath but not before they stumbled into an unknown forest.

Plot ManagementEdit

Sign-Up Requirements: Sign-ups began on July 1, 2014 and closed on July 16, 2014. RPers were allowed to sign up multiple characters, but priority was given to RPers with no characters yet over those with two.

Pacing: Daily, save select breaks in between/during acts. Each participant had to post or otherwise notify a GM in between each round.

Management: (How was the plot managed): The plot was split into four acts as the party traversed lands to engage the Red Queen. The two GMs would roughly alternate posting duties and keeping the update thread current.

This plot was managed by Banshee and Kepiel.

Each round was set to be replied to by 10pm EDT/EST. As soon as a GM post was made, the next round began. GM update posts were made almost daily.

Threads Breakdown:

  • News Update thread (OOC)

Deviations from Original Plan:

  • The plot was originally anticipated to last roughly one month but went over that, instead lasting over 4.5 months.
  • It was originally noted that weekends would feature double GM posts. However, such posts did not take place until partway into the final battle. At that point, double posts were utilized almost every day until the plot's finale.

Final OutcomeEdit

What happened at the end of the plot and who died (if applicable).

Strikes vs. OOC departures.

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