Character Information
Full Name Laharl
Aliases Overlord Laharl, King Laharl
Gender Male
Race Half-Demon, Half-Human
Age 1316
Date of Birth Unknown
Height / Weight Not that tall, not too heavy
Homeworld Disgaea
Residence(s) Overlord's Castle
Occupation(s) Demonic Overlord
Moral Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Date of Arrival November 27, 2011
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Flame
Type Canon Character
Status Active
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Laharl is 1316. Despite this, he still looks and acts like a 13 year old would, extremely childishly. The only difference is he is selfish, arrogant and loves to fight others using the insurmountable power of the overlord. He is however capable of displaying love and kindness as shown when he tried to sacrifice himself to bring Angel Trainee Flonne back from the dead after Seraph Lamington turned her into a flower. He was stopped by Mid-Boss just before he did so, Mid-Boss revealing that Flonne hadn't died.


Laharl has shown control over quite a few elements. He is, in his games, a hard-hitting warrior style character. He is extremely skilled with any weapon that is melee based, (A rank in them all) but excels with swords more than the other forms of attack. There is also the insurmountable power of the Overlord that he uses to strike down foes.







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