Lights Out
Plot Details
Plot Type Site-wide Major Plot
Plot Dates March 2013
Plot Coordinator Mary the zombie
Deaths 0

What was it?Edit

A sudden blackout strikes the entirety of Portal City, but just as quickly as it sets in, it vanishes. In its wake however, the robots of the Breach begin to hear a strange voice calling out to them. Before too long, they start to riot and raid the city.

Select organics are not spared from this, in turn feeling an unavoidable anger within them. They set out to stop the rampaging robots, soon discovering that something else entirely is causing all of this mess. After a chaotic battle, the robots return to normal, and both groups team up to take out the Breach's newest threat: an intergalactic AI known as Ra Moon.

Detailed SummaryEdit


Plot ManagementEdit

Sign-Up Requirements: Characters are split into Organics and Robots, which in turn split into Battlers and Support within the two main groups.

Pacing: Daily


Main Threads Breakdown: (Total count - ~8)

  • OOC
    • Sign Up Thread
    • Plot News Update Thread
  • IC
    • Sudden Darkness
    • The Robots are Coming, the Robots are Coming!
    • Rudeness shall be answered with DEATH
    • I want to rip you to shreds, baby
    • Sound the Drums of War
    • Planning preparing the second phase
    • Power to the downed soldiers
    • The final showdown

Deviations from Original Plan:

  • NPCs and non-participants helped out
  • Lack of difference between Support and Battlers

Final OutcomeEdit

Both the organics and robots were victorious against Ra Moon! They escaped the asteroid base in time and returned home safely, each of them now free of the opressive feelings brought on by the AI.

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