• On the top right, you'll see a tab called "Contribute".
  • Click that and select "Add a Page" from the drop-down list.
  • Write down the the name of the plot
  • Select "Blank Page"
  • Click "Add a Page" again. 
  • You are now on the editting page. On the right-hand side, you'll see a box called "Categories".
  • Click the space that says "Add a Category", and write down "Events" - it should start coming up as you start typng it. Select it from the dropdown.
  • Click "Publish" and the page is made.
  •  On the top, there are two tabs. Click "Source".
  • Copy the below code into the editor.
{{Infobox event
|image =
|caption = if any
|plot type = type of plot
|plot dates = OOC dates of plot
|plot coordinator = [[User:url-to-your-userpage NameToDisplay]]
|deaths = no. of deaths}}
==What was it?==
A brief description of what the plot was about.
==Detailed Summary==
Detailed summary of your plot and what happened.
==Plot Management==
'''Sign-Up Requirements:''' Any sign up requirements? Eg. one character per person.
'''Pacing''': How often most the participants post
'''Management:''' How was the plot managed and who by
'''Threads Breakdown:'''
The amount of threads and/or the list of threads related to the plot
'''Deviations from Original Plan''': What was different from the original plans made by the plot coordinator
==Final Outcome==
What happened at the end of the plot and who died (if applicable)
  • Hit "Publish" on the right hand side.
  • And you're all prepared!
    • Add more information to the page by using the Edit options.

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