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A true collision of worlds, Portal Breach is a forum style, multiverse-crossover RPG. Located at the above link, it has been active since May 4, 2009.

Portal Breach is a conglomerate of universes; a primarily digital world created by a being known as Portal-X. Beings from all realities and planes were brought to Portal Breach in an attempt to save them from the destruction of their own worlds... or so they are told. No one really knows how they got there, and even fewer know about the elusive Portal Deities. But there is one thing they know for sure: those who come to Portal Breach can never leave, their homes now nothing but memories left to live on in their hearts and minds.

Despite that, the residents settle down and do their best to lead normal lives. The world of Portal Breach is a diverse one, sprawling with interacting communities and eras. The city is a mesh of advanced technology and contains aspects from each citizen's homeworld; you will find automobiles alongside spacecraft, suburban homes flanked by immense skyscrapers, and citizens that range from humans and humanoids (even some from alternate realities) to intelligent robots, and dangerously alluring supernatural beings to space-faring extra-terrestrials. Things almost seem normal on Portal Breach... almost.


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