Portal City is the capital city of the Breach and the home to most of its residents.


Portal City


Portal City is the heart of all activity on Portal Breach. It is the gamma's shining capital and the center of all information and entertainment. The majority of the Breach's citizens live and gather in the city; it is also the place where you can find the most shops and businesses. There are several points of interest, such as the ever-popular meeting place of the Sanctuary, the Bulletin Board in the city center where anyone may leave requests and advertisements, the bastion of justice that is the Law Headquarters, the center of all news and gossip at the News Station, and the Library that houses a myriad—at least a million, perhaps even more—of books, journals and holovids ripe with information and knowledge from all across the universes. It is a highly recommended place to live, work and settle down in; it is also a good place for most newcomers to first explore so they can get a taste of what living in Portal Breach is like.

As already mentioned, Portal City houses buildings and technologies from most eras, and you will always find people who are eager to lend a helping hand. A good place to start for those who need a place to stay would be the Stock Pot Inn. It is a cozy inn where people can live in for free as long as they please, be it temporary or permanent. A word of caution, however; there are also many dangers lurking in dark alleyways and some people are not always what they seem...


The city consists of varying districts including Midtown, Downtown, the Residential district, and the Outer City.


Whilst much of the city was already set in place at the formation of the Gamma, new areas are often pulled to the Breach or built to expand this ever-sprawling metropolis.


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