Samba Heartlands

The Samba Heartlands are the main grasslands region of Portal Breach.


The Grasslands are an area where the vegetation is dominated by grasses and other herbaceous (non-woody) plants, as well as the ever-popular sedge and rush families. The vegetation can vary in height from very short, as in chalk where the vegetation may be less than 30 cm (12 in) high, to quite tall. Woody plants, shrubs, and even trees dot some areas of the Grasslands, forming savannas. The area in general support diverse wildlife, given the lack of hiding places for predators, and is a relatively peaceful place in the Breach with a great view of the Mountains and a small creek that leads from the Mountains (possibly from Lake Moraine) leading to Cordelia Lake.

It is currently home to a few scarce civilians, one of them a couple living in a homey little cottage where they have built and maintain a small farm with various animals. The Grasslands, in all areas, supports a variety of mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. Typical mammals include bison, deer, horses, bovine, sheep and llamas. There are the occasional coyotes, but they are rarely seen, allowing the fields to be populated by many ground hogs and rabbits.

Unlike the Forest, hunting is strictly prohibited in the Grasslands.


The Samba Heartlands are one of the largest areas of the Breach, situated to the north and west of Portal City. The border the Boolean Mountains, Apache Coastline, and a small part of the Kindle Forest.


Notable FeaturesEdit


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