Shadow Link
Shadow Link
Character Information
Full Name Shadow Link
Aliases Link
Gender Male
Race Shadow
Age 13
Date of Birth Unknown
Height / Weight 4'5"
Homeworld Dark Hyrule
Residence(s) Palace of Winds
Occupation(s) None
Moral Alignment Chaotic Evil
Date of Arrival November 27, 2009
Player Information
Roleplayer(s) Spirit
Type Canon Character
Status Inactive
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Shadow Link is a pure evil manifestation of Link's reflection in the Dark Mirror.


A shadow of the hero, Link.


Under construction.


Shadow Link is a childish, impish evil with a love of fire and explosives. He lacks any sort of empathy or even a full understanding of all human emotions, he finds it funny to get the biggest reactions of out other, and negative reactions are the best. Since he has always been an underling, be it to Ganon or Vaati, he relishes in any chance he can find to boss others around.


Under construction.



Jana Snitch
Likes her because she pays attention to him and joins him on destructive rampages. She's probably the only person he values other than himself.

Enjoys messing with him, but follows his orders because Vaati gives him things, and Shadow Link is waiting for Vaati to become powerful to consume Portal Breach in darkness.


He is the reflection of the Link from Four Swords Aventures, who is not currently in Portal Breach.


  • "Do grills involve fire? I WANNA DO IT!"
  • "You, make me a sammich."
  • "Everyone you ever knew or loved is dead! AHAHAHAHAHA!"


Under construction.

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