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  • I live in The Sea.
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is Marine Biologist
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    PB Historia

    April 1, 2014 by Elfgirl M-chan

    At long last, I have finally got around to making an account for the Portal Breach Wiki. A part of me wishes I had joined this particular wiki before now, but at the same time, I was primarily focused on other tasks, namely those on Portal Breach itself and its Archives. Now that many of those have wrapped up or are at the very least far more streamlined and easier to tend to, I can properly help out with the wiki around my activity on Portal Breach.

    My first day in, and I have to say, I'm greatly enjoying this so far. I'd forgotten just how much I enjoy editing wikis and helping fill in/add various sorts of information. Around getting character pages up for the rest of my characters and some others, my other upcoming goals for the wiki inc…

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